NAS Torrent Server SD Card Image


  • Low Power NAS Network Storage and Torrent Server for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Connect up to 4 flash drives or hard drives
  • SD Card Image with Noobs (New out of Box Software) – an easy to use operating system install manager for the Raspberry Pi.
  • This is a downloadable product

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Low-Power Network Attached Storage Device and Transmission Torrent Server.

With this image you can attach up to two NTFS-formatted hard disks to your Raspberry Pi and they will become immediately available on your network and accessible via the IP address assigned to your Raspberry Pi. In addition you get a Torrent server based on Transmission.

To open the share in Windows simply go to the start menu and type
A window will open showing the following shared folders:

  • USBHDD1 – the USB hard drive attached to the USB port 1
  • USBHDD2 – the USB hard drive attached to the USB port 2
  • USBHDD3 – the USB hard drive attached to the USB port 3
  • USBHDD4 – the USB hard drive attached to the USB port 4
  • Complete – The location of the downloads completed by the torrent server
  • Incomplete – The location of the downloads in progress by the torrent server
  • Watch – Simply move torrent files to this folder to start a download

To access the torrent server, point your web browser to http://your.server.ip.address:8888

The web interface is very simple. You can adjust some settings, such as transfer speed and download directory, by clicking the gear on the lower right of the page. The open dialog supports URLs to torrent files, magnet links, and uploading a torrent file from your computer. In addition, since your “Watch” folder is accessible on the network share you can add torrents to it while on the go, without a browser.

This image includes simple to execute scripts and step by step instructions to further customize your server configuration, including:

  • How to change the folder locations of your torrent server
  • How to setup password protection to access your network share
  • How to perform a nightly data mirror from the primary drive to the secondary drive of your Raspberry Pi NAS

To use this image you will need:
•    A Raspberry Pi
•    A boot SD card for the Raspberry Pi (4Gb or higher).
•    An Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet
•    One or two external USB Hard drives (optional)

Please note: This is not a physical SD card, this is a preconfigured SD Card Image that you can download and install on the SD card of your choice. The operating systems used and the software provided are Free Open Source.


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