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When Quentin Romero was learning to use a RaspberryPi, he was amazed at the power packed in that small device. It is low-cost, low-size, and high-power. However, he found that, although it was great from the hardware side, the open source world makes operating the device difficult for anyone who is not an expert in Linux or professional developer. That’s why he created RaspiShop. These pre-built software images with step-by-step instructions make it easy for beginers to learn to use the RaspberryPi.  Going forward RaspiShop looks to become the best Raspberry Pi software, kit, and accessory supplier in the world to further educate people on electronics and software.

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During its founding, RaspiShop’s mission was always to educate. The power of interactive tools in furthering the value of education inspires our team daily.

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